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VisuLize Factor VIII Antigen ELISA Kit

VisuLize Factor VIII Antigen ELISA Kit

Supplier: Affinity Biologicals, Inc.
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The VisuLize™FVIII Antigen Kit is intended to quantitatively measure factor VIII in human plasma and factor concentrates.

The VisuLize™ FVIII Antigen Kit is FDA cleared, Health Canada approved, CE marked and approved by the Indian Ministry of Health.


Rapid sandwich ELISA to measure FVIII antigen (FVIII:Ag)
1 hour 55 minutes total incubation time!
FVIII:Ag reported as International Units/ml traceable to WHO standard for FVIII antigen
Detection limit to 0.008 IU/ml FVIII:Ag (0.8%)
Includes normal and low controls
Shelf-life: 18 months


Quantification of FVIII in plasma and therapeutic concentrates
Diagnosis and characterization of Hemophilia A
Carrier testing for Hemophilia A
Thrombophilia screening

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