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LGMN (legumain ) Blocking Peptide (the middle region of LGMN)(100ug)

LGMN (legumain ) Blocking Peptide (the middle region of LGMN)(100ug)

Supplier: Aviva Systems Biology Incorporated
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This is a synthetic peptide designed for use in combination with anti-LGMN Antibody (ARP66606_P050), made by Aviva Systems Biology. It may block above mentioned antibody from binding to its target protein in western blot and/or immunohistochecmistry under proper experimental settings. There is no guarantee for its use in other applications. Please inquire for more details.
Reactivities: Human
Presku: AAP66606
Size: 100ug
Weight: 48kDa
Gene: 5641
Format: Lyophilized powder
Target: This gene encodes a cysteine protease that has a strict specificity for hydrolysis of asparaginyl bonds. This enzyme may be involved in the processing of bacterial peptides and endogenous proteins for MHC class II presentation in the lysosomal/endosomal systems. Enzyme activation is triggered by acidic pH and appears to be autocatalytic. Protein expression occurs after monocytes differentiate into dendritic cells. A fully mature, active enzyme is produced following lipopolysaccharide expression in mature dendritic cells. Overexpression of this gene may be associated with the majority of solid tumor types. This gene has a pseudogene on chromosome 13. Several alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described, but the biological validity of only two has been determined.
Alternative names: AEP; LGMN1; PRSC1